About Us

Our mission is to service men and women of all ages who have had the misfortune of dealing with cancer, along with it's side affects, and other debilitating health problems. Your success is our success.

At A Perfect Fit For You, we offer a wide variety of products for Mastectomy Patients, Diabetic Patients, Cancer Patients, Compression Patients and Limited Mobility Patients. We are able to provide a quality fit for every patient.  Margaret Gibson holds double certification from the BOC/ABC in mastectomy, orthotics and soon DME  and has extensive training in compression, diabetic shoes, and medical equipment. This allows us to bill most insurance companies, including Medicare, and Medicaid. Qualified and trained fitters can ensure that your post-operative products fit you perfectly and can get you on your road to a quick and comfortable recovery. A Perfect Fit For You staffs only knowledgeable and well trained employees who go through extensive training programs. Our licenses are on display for all to see. Come visit our customized shop and observe our commitment to the ladies and gentlemen of Carteret and surrounding counties. If you can't come to us, we can come to you. What ever your needs, we can service them. Call the office to make an appointment for our mobile boutique.

A Perfect Fit For You is an authorized provider of compression garments and devices and we work closely with lymphedema treatment programs, wound care programs, physical therapy departments and oncology/vascular clinics.  We take care of all the insurance billing and authorizations needed for most insurance companies so you only have to concentrate on getting well. Our caring and compassionate staff will answer any and all questions through education and training, alleviating your fears to insure compliance and understanding.  We are only a phone call away.

About Margaret Gibson

Born in Hawaii, 4th and youngest daughter of an Air Force Lt Colonel. By being an Air Force “brat”, I was able to travel to many places both here and abroad which was very rewarding and enlightening.

I attended UNC-Greensboro where I earned a BS degree in Business Administration and have taken master degree courses in chemistry. After college I started working at Aetna Ins Co. until 1991 when I elected to move to Carteret County to take care of aging parents.  I have been in NC since 1979 and settled in Newport in 1991 with my husband and stepchild. 

Since moving to Carteret County, I took a job at Medical Park Pharmacy where I worked until Oct 2014.  I learned all aspects of patient care, equipment and Medical Billing.  Since then Cancer had entered my family. You always think it will happen to someone else, but when it hits home you look at things differently.  My sister was diagnosed a few years back and that experience helped forge my future.  Going through that and having a medical background allowed me to come up with a plan for the women of Carteret County.  I realized the void in post patient care and wanted to dedicate my life in helping cancer survivors. It’s a really good feeling to educate and better these women’s lives.

I opened A Perfect Fit For You for just that reason.  After so much negativity in these women’s lives, I wanted a place they could come to feel better about themselves. Our store gives them a sense of wellbeing; a place they can feel comfortable and sexy again. I didn’t want a sterile environment or a noisy medical facility. I believe I have opened a place that cares and has the most educated and informative personnel available. I hold double certificates from the BOC and the ABC in mastectomy and orthotics, and have passed the master fitter class for lymphedema and diabetic shoes. All of our employees are expertly trained, and we all go to continuing education courses so we can give our customers the best service they deserve.

My hobbies include: any outdoor activity; I love being outside either digging in the dirt or playing sports. My husband and I participate in many model train shows around the area including the Beaufort train show in December, the Mumfest in New Bern and the New Bern train show in February. We have a large set up in our basement and enjoy the peace of the train layout.  I also breed long haired Dachshunds and have been breeding for over 23 years. Believe me I have learned a lot during that time. My medical training has really come in handy. It is a very dog friendly environment and they bring such joy to not only myself but our customers. Come in today for a visit.


Amanda Dixon is our office manager and we both welcome you to the store.