Ambulatory Aids

We carry ambulatory aids to assist patients with walking and mobility by helping transmit body weight and providing support for the patient. The level of weight-bearing and balance assistance needed will determine which type of ambulatory aid is needed. We carry products by Drive, Nova, HurryCane, Roscoe, Cardinal and Invacare.

Please browse the manufacturers' products below. Give us a call when you've found the item you want to purchase and we can bill Medicare and other third party insurance providers.


We offer single-point and quad canes to provide support and stability while elevating pain and discomfort.

Invacare Canes

Nova Canes

Drive Canes


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As the most supportive walking aid, walkers are best for patients with little upper body strength or poor balance.

Invacare Walkers

Nova Walkers

Drive Walkers

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Crutches require the patient to have stability and strength, but allows all weight to be removed from the extremity.

Invacare Crutches

Nova Crutches

Drive Crutches

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We carry a wide variety of Aids to Daily Living from dressing aids, to household help, and many items in between. Remember, if you are having surgery, these are a lifesaver. Try to get these prior to surgery.

Nova ADLs

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