You have a choice of providers, you deserve to have a perfect fit provided by Margaret, Amanda and Mike. They are certified, having completed rigorous training in methodology for providing mastectomy, compression, Diabetic, and orthotic, equipment. Services are provided in a secluded, intimate and welcoming environment making your visit an enjoyable and rewarding one. Margaret is federally approved to take Medicare and Medicade programs in addition to private insurance or cash sales. You will immediately see the passion for providing the finest service to our customers when you walk through the door and after you leave. Every effort is made to get the customer what they need when they need it and at a price you can afford!! If you have recently released from surgery, a visit here will provide a camisole or other needed garments within 24 hours!! A Perfect Fit For You is a small company that specializes in mastectomy garments (camisoles, bras ), lymphedema sleeves/gloves, diabetic shoes, gradient compression garments and general durable medical equipment (scooters, walkers). You will get service here that is not present in large firms that provide a wide range of products. Visit us today at 2900-6 Arendell St, Morehead City, NC in the Lowes Food shopping center, next to the Mongolian Grill or call them to schedule an appointment. 


As a breast cancer survivor, I can't say enough about this store. This county is very fortunate to have it and the quality service the owners are giving their clients. The store, itself, gives a feeling of compassion and pampering. The staff is so caring and knowledgeable of the needs of women dealing with personal loss, both, physically and mentally. Having certified mastectomy bra fitters, is very important. I am very proud of this store and my sister, Margaret, for providing the survivors this wonderful experience, and for having the fortitude to open a business for the benefit of others.

Hi, my name is Joyce. I had Bi-Lateral Subcutaneous Mastectomies when I was 28 years old. After numerous ruptures and implant replacement I finally had the implants removed permanently in September 2011. My over all health and well being has improved greatly since then. 
With the removal of the breast implants I needed to go and get prosthetics in place of the implants. I tried several kinds and had problems with them fitting me properly. One day I came into the store and after one or two trial and errors I found the best fit for me. Since then I have been fitted for the past few years and I feel that I look much better and feel better about my appearance. I found that I can wear a pretty bra and look good in it. I no longer have a "sunken chest" look to me when I wear the prosthesis. I now have the piece of mind knowing that I have a "fitter" that not only knows the products and genuinely cares about the patient, but one who has become a wonderful friend. Shelly is like family to me, someone I can turn to and talk to about my situation and know that between Shelly and Margaret I will walk away smiling and looking great each and every time. I am so grateful that they have come into my life so that I can continue feeling like a whole person again, without fear of everyone knowing I had mastectomies. Thank you Shelly and Margaret for being there for me and in my corner. 
"A Perfect Fit" has all kinds of styles of bras and implants to choose from. Some are there ready to go when you go in, and of course some need to be ordered. There are other types of products at the store as well to choose from. Being able to feel the texture of the material and the variety of colors all in one place is great. I can now actually see if I order a pink bra or taupe bra I can actually see the finished product. They also have different bathing suits in stock or for ordering so you look great and in style. I love the store.